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Experience African Traditions with PILANI Natural Products

The PILANI concept is to bring African plants and traditions into your daily life for your health benefit and wellbeing. Our products originate form Sub-saharan Africa and are imported as plant raw materials to Switzerland. They are controlled and packaged according to Swiss quality requirements.

PILANI products are 100% natural and can be tracked back to the original African plantation.

We act in the fields of natural beautycare, aromatherapy and nutrition following ancient African traditions. Several products are still under development and we will be happy to present these in the near future.

Free of any chemicals and preservative added, in a pure natural state, discover the PILANI natural products and integrate African beauty and health into your daily life.



Currently PILANI markets three products in Switzerland and in Southern Africa.

Baobab Oil – BODY, FACE & HAIR
100 % natural product, BIO certified
DeLuxe glassbottle, 100 ml
Institute recyclable plastic bottle with flip-top, 250 ml
Institute recyclable plastic bottle, 1 Lt.

Buchu Betulina essential oil
100 % natural product
Essential Oil in amber glassdroppers, 5 ml and 10 ml
Higher quantities are only supplied to professionals.

Baobab Fruit Powder
100 % natural product, BIO certified
Raw fruit powder in 150 g pouches.
Higher quantities can be supplied to professionals.

For enquiries : please contact us at


Baobab Oil – A Unique Natural Oil

The baobab tree is a symbol of wisdom from Africa and is one of the oldest trees on the planet.
Traditionally called “Tree of Life”, it can provide shelter, food and health benefits to humans and animals living in the African savanna.

Baobab tree Pilani natural products

Adansonia Digitata (African Baobab Tree)

PILANI Baobab Oil is cold pressed from the baobab fruit seeds and thus preserves all its richness of essential minerals, nutrients and proteins.
The BIO-certified (Bioagricert) oil is of highest quality, containing natural antioxidants and anti-aging, skin tightening, moisturising and nourishing components.
PILANI Baobab Oil has a distinctive fine texture. It is rapidly absorbed and brings a light satiny veil to skin. It relieves the tired body during massage, intensely nourishes and moisturizes skin, improves skin elasticity and has anti-ageing properties. It strengthens and protects dry hair and brings shine to it.

How to apply :
Apply in small quantities and gently massage into skin.
Ideal for body and scalp massage.
When applying on face, avoid the eye contour area.
When applying on hair, use on dry hair.

Aromatherapy :
PILANI Baobab Oil is an excellent carrier for essential oils. It is almost odorless and thus adapts to the finest fragrance.
Add a few drops of your essential oil for use in aromatherapy.

How to store : Ideal storage is at room temperature: 15 – 25 °C .
At lower temperatures, baobab oil can slightly solidify and form white clouds at the bottom of the bottle.
The oil readily dissolves at higher temperatures, however it is not recommended to store the product at lower than 15 °C for a prolonged period of time.

Buchu Betulina Essential Oil

Buchu is a small evergreen shrub belonging to the Rutaceae family.

Buchu Betulina, Agathosma Betulina (Shrub)

Buchu Betulina, Agathosma Betulina (Shrub)

It bears white, star-like flowers. The essential oil is extracted from its small, 1cm long leaves by steam distillation.

Buchu is a native South African plant and was traditionally used by the indigenous Khoi-San for medicinal purposes. In traditional Khoi-San healing, massage and touch therapy played an important role. They were referred to as  “people who anointed their bodies with bushes”, because of their habit of massaging with powdered aromatic bushes. In this precise case, the Khoi-San mixed the Buchu leaves with the sheep fat as an ointment to treat wounds and for perfumery/fragrance application.

How to use Buchu essential oil:
Buchu as a fragrance is a bouquet of scents ranging from minty to  fruity and herbal.

Balancing effect for body and mind , e.g. in stressful conditions
Body: muscle tonic/relaxing
Mind: stimulating /calming

For body massage:
Recommended dosage of 3 drops Buchu essential oil for 50 ml of vegetal oil

For foot massage & foot-bath:
Recommended dosage is 3 drops for 50 ml of vegetal oil for massage, or 3 drops in your footbath

Due to the highly concentrated form of Buchu essential oil, this product is mainly sold to professionals such as pharmacists, aromatherapists and cosmetic institutes.
PILANI Buchu essential oil is for EXTERNAL USE only and must be diluted according to above instructions.

Storage / Handling:
Store product in a cool, well ventilated area and protected from light. Wear gloves when handling the product

This product has been notified at the Swiss Federal Office of Health (BAG).

Baobab Fruit Powder, SUPERFOOD

Baobab Fruit Powder Product Pilani

Baobab Fruits

Baobab Fruit Powder is a raw food with precious nutritional properties :

  • High content in vitamin C (antioxidant), calcium and potassium
  • High content in soluble fibers: promotes intestinal flore  (prebiotic)
  • Significant content in Vitamin B

 It is an ideal nutritional support during diet and fasting as well as in stressful situations.

  • 100 % Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • No additives nor preservatives

Suitable for pregnant or lactating women.
Suitable for diabetics.

Consumption : 1 – 2 levelled table spoons/ per day (corresponds to 3 – 6 g of fruit powder/ per day)

Baobab fruit powder adds a fruity-acid taste to your beverages and food. Mix it to your fruit juice, smoothie, yogurt, fruit salad or muesli.

Storage :
Keep in a cool, dry place away from light.


The Baobab Tree

Is a symbol of wisdom from Africa and is one of the oldest trees on the planet. It is traditionally called “Tree of Life”.

Buchu Betulina

Buchu is a native South African plant and was traditionally used by the indigenous Khoi-San for its medicinal properties.

Baobab Fruit Powder

Baobab Fruit Powder is a raw food with precious nutritional properties.

PILANI means in South African native language (Xhosa) : Good Health to All


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PILANI means in South African native language (Xhosa): Good Health to All


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