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Buchu Betulina Essential Oil Pilani African Natural Products

Buchu Betulina Essential Oil

Buchu is a small evergreen shrub belonging to the Rutaceae family.

It bears white, star-like flowers. The essential oil is extracted from its small, 1cm long leaves by steam distillation.

Buchu is a native South African plant and was traditionally used by the indigenous Khoi-San. In Khoi-San traditions, massage and touch played an important role. They were referred to as  “people who anointed their bodies with bushes”, because of their habit of massaging with powdered aromatic bushes. In this precise case, the Khoi-San mixed the Buchu leaves with the sheep fat as an ointment.

How to use Buchu essential oil:
Buchu as a fragrance is a bouquet of scents ranging from minty to  fruity and herbal.

Balancing effect for body and mind , e.g. in stressful conditions
Body: muscle tonic/relaxing
Mind: stimulating /calming

For body massage:
Recommended dosage of 3 drops Buchu essential oil for 50 ml of vegetal oil

For foot massage & foot-bath:
Recommended dosage is 3 drops for 50 ml of vegetal oil for massage, or 3 drops in your footbath

Due to the highly concentrated form of Buchu essential oil, this product is mainly sold to professionals such as pharmacists, aromatherapists and cosmetic institutes.
PILANI Buchu essential oil is for EXTERNAL USE only and must be diluted according to above instructions.

Storage / Handling:
Store product in a cool, well ventilated area and protected from light. Wear gloves when handling the product

This product has been notified at the Swiss Federal Office of Health (BAG).