Baobab Fruit Powder – BIO – Vegan




Baobab fruit powder is a raw food with precious nutritional properties.
An energyizer for your daily life.
And an ideal nutritional support during diet and fasting as well as in stressful situations.

  • High content in vitamin C (antioxidant), calcium and potassium
  • High content in soluble fibers: promotes intestinal flore  (prebiotic)
  • Significant content in Vitamin B

Bio-certified raw food, 100 % Vegan
Gluten free –  Lactose free – No additives nor preservatives
Suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Suitable for diabetics.

Storage :
Keep in a cool, dry place away from light.


1 – 2 leveled table spoons/ per day (corresponds to 3 – 6 g of fruit powder/ per day)
Baobab fruit powder adds a fruity-acid taste to your beverages and food. Mix it to your fruit juice, smoothie, yogurt, fruit salad or muesli.

Recipes for baobab energy drinks

Senegalese “Bouye” – Basic Recipe
Dissolve Baobab fruit powder and sugar cane in 1:1 proportion in water.
Traditionally one adds milk, banana nectar and/or pineapple juice and/or mango juice.
Shake and serve as a cold drink.

Vegan Version With Banana
For a final volume of 0.5 liters :
In a recipient (shaker) dissolve 3 leveled table spoons of baobab fruit powder and 3 leveled table spoons of cane sugar in slightly less than 0.5 lt of cold water.
Stir with spoon to dissolve powder and sugar, then shake.
Cut half of a banana in pieces and mash in a blender.
Then add the baobab/can sugar mix into the blender and mix to make it a homogeneous, creamy drink.
Cool in the refrigerator. Serve cold with ice cubes.




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