Honeybush – Herbal Tea


Honeybush is a South African indigenous plant that grows only in specific parts of the Western and Eastern Cape provinces in South Africa.

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Honeybush (Cyclopia), loose dried leaves and twigs

  • High quality herbal tea
  • 100 % natural, organically grown
  • Contains mangiferin, isoflavones and coumestans
  • Free of caffeine (also suitable for children)
  • Low tannin content

Honeybush has been consumed locally for several centuries, it has remained one of nature’s best kept secrets. 

Honeybush is mainly used to make herbal tea from dried leaves and twigs. These are traditionally fermented to produce the characteristic amber colour and honeysweet, woody flavour.
Regular drinking of Honeybush is a valuable supplement to the daily diet of health conscious consumers. It contains several antioxidants and phyto-oestrogens and has many health benefits.

  • Mild & Soothing
  • Anti-ageing

Tea preparation
1 Teaspoon of herbal tea in 1 cup of hot water, leave for 5 minutes to infuse. 

To appreciate the delicate and honeysweet flavour, it is advisable not to add any sugar or milk. May add half-a-teaspoon of honey, if additional sweetening is required. 

Honeybush can be consumed as a soothing warm tea or as a refreshing ice tea.